TriLux Blackjack

TriLux Blackjack is an optional bonus bet for Blackjack that considers your first two cards and the Dealer’s up-card.


  1. To begin each round, make a standard Blackjack wager. You may also make the TriLux Bonus wager.
  2. The Dealer then follows house procedures for Blackjack.
  3. Once you have two cards, the Dealer settles the TriLux Bonus wagers. See posted paytable for payouts.


Bonus payouts paid directly to the Dealer’s tip pool when a qualifying hand is hit.


If on the first two cards, the Player feels they can win with only one more card, they may double their bet. Remember, they get only one more card.

An option the Player has with two original cards of the same numeric value (4s, 8s, etc). They can split the two cards and play each hand individually. They must bet the same amount as their original wager on the split hand. They may also �double down� on the first two cards of each hand after the split, except when splitting aces. The Player can split up to three times to make four hands.

If the Dealer's "up card" is an Ace, the Player can take insurance. They're betting that the Dealer has a ten-value card in the "hole," making Blackjack. The Player can bet one half of their original wager. A winning insurance bet pays 2 to 1.

A tie between the Player and the Dealer. Neither hand wins.

Non-verbal communication between the Player and the Dealer to indicate "hit" or "stand." Ask the Dealer for the proper signals.
These simple key rules will help you play:
1. If your total is closer to 21 than the Dealer's, you win.
2. If you "hit" and your total is more than 21, you lose.
3. If you and the Dealer have the same total, it is a tie.
Don't hesitate to ask your friendly Dealer if you have questions.

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