MotorCity eCASH®

MotorCity eCASH® makes it easier than ever to play your favorite slots without handling money or tickets! Members can simply upload or download their MotorCity eCASH® at any slot machine, creating a more enjoyable, hassle-free gaming experience!


  • Club Metro members don't have to cash out a machine.
  • Credits can be stored on your eCASH account for play at a later date.
  • Check your balance at any time at a slot machine, online, and kiosk.


  • All Club Metro members with a PIN number can access eCASH immediately.
  • eCASH can be uploaded to your Club Metro account at any time at a slot machine or cage.
  • eCASH can be cashed out at the Cage or slot machine.


  • eCASH is PIN protected.
  • eCASH helps eliminate lost tickets.
  • eCASH is not lost with a misplaced card.


With your card still in the reader, press the "Menu" button.
  • Select "More Options."
  • Select "Account Summary."
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Press "Enter."
  • Account balance information will be displayed.
  • Press "Exit" to return to the session screen.