Q: What is FanDuel Online Sportsbook + Casino?

A: FanDuel is your first choice to place legal online sports wagers and play your favorite casino games in Michigan.

Q: Is It Legal in Michigan?

A: Yes, the state of Michigan and the Michigan Gaming Control Board has permitted legal online sports wagering + Casino. It is legal to download the FanDuel Sportsbook App or visit to register & place your bet(s).

Q: Where Can I Play?

A: You must be physically located in the state of Michigan to place your sports wager. However, you can register, make a deposit, and access your account from any state. We use a system called GeoComply to measure your physical location before placing a wager.

Q: Who is Eligible to Play?

A: You must be 21 years of age or older, not on any self-exclusion lists, and in the state of Michigan to wager.

MotorCity associates are not allowed to bet in any way on any Detroit Tigers or Detroit Red Wings games or events.

Q: Can I Make a Deposit or Withdrawal on my FanDuel Online Account in Person at MotorCity Casino?

A: Yes! Cash at Counter is available at the FanDuel Sportsbook ticket window or at the casino cage. There's a $50 minimum for online deposits and withdrawals.

Q: What Other States Is FanDuel Sportsbook & Casino Online Available?

A: Currently, FanDuel Sportsbook has launched online sports wagering in the states of NJ, PA, WV, IN, IL, CO, TN, and IA. FanDuel Casino has launched online casino in the states of NJ, PA and MI.

Q: If I Already Have a FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports Account, Will I Have to Register for FanDuel Sportsbook?

A: Yes, understand that DFS and FanDuel Sportsbook are operated by the same company but will require you to visit each site or download each app separately. You will also be asked to create a separate account for each. However, there is a sync feature to link your DFS and Sportsbook account once you successfully register for the Sportsbook. Make sure to use the same email address. You can use this to also login to FanDuel Casino.

Q: Why Do You Need My Information During Registration?

A: FanDuel has many checks in place to make sure you are who you say you are. This also helps protect your identify and makes for a safe and secure registration process. Please be sure to double check your entries before submitting to eliminate the chances of not being verified.

Q: Is My Information Secure?

A: FanDuel takes registration and payment security very seriously. Think of us like your bank. We have many secure systems in place to make sure your information is secure.

Q: Is It Fair to Play? Who Guarantees the Fairness of FanDuel Online Sportsbook?

A: Yes, we have many systems and checks in place to make the gaming experience safe and fun for all. FanDuel’s platform has been GLI tested (Gaming Laboratories International) and approved by Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Q: What Kind of Deposit Options Are Available?

A: Please read our list of approved payment options as well as some options that will make your deposit experience much quicker.

Q: I Made A Deposit and Then Requested A Withdraw but Was Told to Contact Customer Support, Why?

A: There are very few scenarios that can trigger a manual review and withdrawal from customer support. However, if you receive this message don’t panic. Contact customer support and we will resolve the situation.

Q: How Quick Will I Receive My Winnings If I Withdraw?

A: Many of our options offer a very quick and easy withdraw process. Please CLICK HERE to view the options and the length of time that is expected for each.

Q: What Kind of Bets Are Being Offered?

A: There are many sports available to make wagers on and tons of exciting bet types available on FanDuel Sportsbook. Please CLICK HERE to view our guide to betting. This guide will assist first time bettors and seasoned professionals.

Q: Are There Any Costs or Fees for Playing Casino Games?

A: No, the house does not take a fee for casino games.

Q: What Happens if I Receive a Call While Playing?

A: Don’t worry, if you receive a call the game will be placed in a holding state ready for you to continue playing once the call has ended.

Q: I Forgot My Password, What Can I Do?

A: You are able to reset your own password by clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page. However, if you make 3 failed attempts at your password, it will lock. Also, if you answer any of your security questions wrong 3 times, your account will be locked. If your account ever becomes locked, please contact customer support to unlock your account.

Q: How Can I Start Playing?

A: It is easy for eligible players to create an account! Please see above regarding eligibility and then see how to begin your journey below:

  • Visit or download the FanDuel Sportsbook IOS/Android App FOR FREE!
  • Click JOIN NOW to create your account.
  • Follow the secure prompts that will help identify and keep your account 100% safe.
  • Once Registered, there are several methods to complete safe and secure deposits.

Q: What Are the Betting Terms Used on FanDuel?

A: Please refer to our betting guide for general betting terms

A: Making Parlay Bets: Depending on sport, match, or event sometimes the parlay options is not available

  • Select more than 1 wager
  • After you are done making your selections go to your Betslip
  • Click Standard Bet
  • Enter the amount you want to wager in the Parlay Section
A: Making a Teaser Bet: Teaser bets can be made depending on the sport
  • Select more than 1 wager with the spread
  • After you are done making your selections go to your Betslip
  • Click Teaser Bet Type
  • Use the +/- buttons to add ore remove the points you want to add or subtract from original spread
  • Enter your wager amount
A: Live- Depending on market you can bet on a game or match that has already started

A: Odds Boost- Each day, we have a list of wagers that we boost/increase the odds to so that your potential payout is larger than normal. It is a good idea to always check the odds boost first before making a normal wager because there might be an odds boost option that pays higher than if you bet those options outside of the odds boost section.

A: Promotions- This is the area that serves as your home to our current promotional offerings. Make sure to click on the promotion that you would like to take part in and then click “Join Now”

A: Betslip- As you start making wager selections, these will drop into your bet slip. From the bet slip you are able to select whether you want to wager “Standard, Parlay, Teaser, Round Robin”



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