All / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Children are allowed in the hotel and restaurants.

Smoking is ONLY permitted on the gaming floor (including bars and lounges).

All other areas (hotel rooms, Sound Board, restaurants, lobbies, elevators, gift shops, the roof, etc...) are NON smoking. There is a Smoke-Free Gaming area on the 2nd floor.

How long will it take me to earn enough Miles for a vehicle?
Everyone plays at different levels so the earning rate may vary dramatically among Club Metro® members. The easiest way to understand your personal rate of earning is to check your Miles balance between rated gaming sessions at our “Manage Your Miles” kiosks. Make sure you always use your Club Metro card whenever you play so your Miles will accumulate at the fastest rate.

Is it possible to request more Miles from my Club Metro account if I find a vehicle that is more expensive?
Of course! If you choose a vehicle that is more than you originally intended to spend, you can use as many of your available Miles as you’d like toward the lease or purchase of that vehicle. Our authorized Dealer will notify us of the additional Miles needed and if you have the Miles in your account, we will arrange the transfer of those Miles from your Club Metro account.

Can I save my Miles and then give them to a friend or family member to apply toward a vehicle?
Absolutely, they need to be a current member of Club Metro and join you at the appointment with VIP services.

What if I want to use my Miles to pay for taxes on my new vehicle?
Not only can you use your Miles towards taxes, but you can also use them toward some fees, such as registration, security deposit, licenses, tags, title, documentation, and even destination fees.

What if I change my mind and decide not to use my Miles toward a new vehicle?
No problem - If you decide not to use your Miles toward a new vehicle, just bring your unredeemed documentation back to VIP services within 60 days after we will put the Miles back into your Club Metro account.

Where can I use my comps?
Use comps at any of our food outlets, our gift shop, for hotel rooms, or Sound Board tickets (see club metro for more details).

How do I convert my Miles to Reward Play?
A: Converting your Miles is as easy as 1, 2, or 3. 1-Convert Miles on-line at or 2- Visit one of our “Manage Your Miles” kiosks to transfer your Miles or 3- Ask an authorized MotorCity Casino Hotel employee to convert your Miles for you. Once converted, your Reward Play will be available in your Club Metro account to use at all our slot machines.

How long before my Miles expire?
As long as you remain an active member of Club Metro, your unredeemed Miles won’t expire until 12 months after the date you earned them.

After I convert my miles to Reward Play, how long will it stay in my account?
Once converted, Reward Play is active and usable in your account for 30 days. All unused Reward Play will expire 30 days after conversion.

How many Miles can I convert to Reward Play per day?
That depends on the status of your Club Metro account. Club Metro members can convert up to $200 per day, Signature members can convert up to $500 per day, and Signature Elite members can convert up to $1000 per day.

Online Account changes (new email, address, phone number, etc...)
To change you online account info, create a new on-line account with your new info. If you'd like to change your Club Metro account info, please see Club Metro (in person).

Will I need to pay for my own vehicle insurance or can I use my Miles to pay for it?
We have packed as many rewards into this vehicle program as we can, but vehicle insurance isn’t one of them. You will have to secure and pay for your own.

Can I pay the difference if I don’t have enough Miles for the vehicle I would like to get?
Absolutely. Members with as few as 25,000 available Miles can redeem those Miles toward a new vehicle lease or purchase. If your current Miles balance won’t cover the entire lease or purchase of a new vehicle, just keep earning and saving Miles. When you have another 25,000 available Miles in your account, you can redeem them toward future payments.

Point balance vs. Point Play balance?
Your point balance is the number of points you've accumulated by playing your favorite slot machines (table players don't accrue points). Point Play allows you to use these points as credits at the machine. Every 100 points equals $1.00 at the machine and they are redeemed in whole dollar amounts.

Shared email address?
Each player needs their own email address to access their information online.

What if I want a vehicle that isn’t shown in this catalog?
If the vehicle of your dreams isn’t in our catalog, our authorized Dealer may be able to get you into the vehicle of your choice. And yes, you could then use your Miles toward that vehicle instead.

What dealership do I go to when I’m ready to pick out my new vehicle?
Give VIP services an idea of the vehicle you are looking for and we will provide you with all the contact information for our authorized Dealership.

There are just a few easy steps to follow once you decide to use your MotorCity Miles™ towards a new vehicle. Contact one of our VIP services representatives to set up an appointment to discuss redeeming your Miles. You can also book your appointment on-line at
1. Our friendly staff will let you know if you have enough saved Miles and will help you choose the vehicle of your dreams based on your available Miles balance. 2. Once you’ve made your selection, we will give you the necessary documentation to take with you to the authorized Dealer, where you can then complete the process.

Why do I need to enter my birthdate and zip code to create an account?
For your protection, we verify your birthdate and zip code (postal code for Canadian addresses) against the Player ID you entered to ensure you entered the Player ID correctly. At the same time, it ensures no one else accidentally signs up under your account number.

Room Deposit
A $50 incidental deposit is required at check-in. We accept cash or credit (no comp dollars, no checks). Cash is refunded at check-out, if you choose to use a credit or debit card, the authorization is released immediately upon check out and will usually take 3-5 business days to reflect in your account.

Self-Park and Valet are free. Casino Valet is off Temple St., Hotel Valet is off Brooklyn St.

There is no shuttle from the airport or local events unless offered in specific packages or promotions. For example, if you book a Tigers package, there will be shuttle service to and from Comerica Park. Also, we currently run a shuttle to and from all Red Wings and Tigers games (whether you book a package or not) for Club Metro members.

Wondering where your application went?
If you applied at, rest assured, we received your application and will be in touch.

How to apply.
Interested in working at MCC? Our job listings are posted here: (and updated frequently).

Check-in / Check-out
Check-in after 4pm, check-out before 11 am.

Taxi Stand
There is a 24-hour taxi stand located at Casino Valet.

Wireless Internet
3 words: free wireless internet rocks...and we have it! (For hotel guests only)

Military Discount
For our men and women in uniform, we offer discounted Deluxe Rooms. Must show Military ID, based on availability.

Mini-bar Policy
You will be charged for any items removed from the mini-bar.

Swimming Pool
There is no pool, but we do have a full service spa with whirlpool, which can be used along with many of our signature treatments. services