MotorCity Casino Hotel - "In the News" excerpts

Archived Stories

“The British born singer-songwriter-keyboardist-guitarist made his first appearance in Detroit since the mid-80s on Thursday night, Nov. 6, at SoundBoard in the Motor City Casino Hotel -- and made up for last time with a uncannily clean-sounding show that packed 18 songs into its nearly two hours….. He promised the crowd that “Detroit is gonna come back. It may take a little time, but it’ll come back stronger than ever,” and when he said “See you again soon, I hope” during the final bows, Hodgson left behind a room full of smitten fans who clearly felt that even “soon” would not be soon enough."

Gary Graff, The Daily Tribune, November 6, 2014.

“This concert is indeed a trip back in time when music and lyrics touched the heart and moved the soul. Those in attendance at MotorCity Casino's Sound Board were not disappointed. It was an awesome night of performances all around. I give 70's Soul Jam 5 Stars out of a 5 Star Rating. I hope the tour comes back to Detroit in the near future so that it can be enjoyed by other concert goers."

Britt Tanya,, September 27, 2014.

“On Sept. 27, clothing designers, runway models and fashionistas will gather at the MotorCity Casino for Fashion In Detroit. The annual event went missing in action last year but has sashayed back in 2014 with “Project Runway” alumnus Joe Faris and the Dodge Motor Company at the helm. More than 20 locally and nationally known fashion designers — who have carefully sewn and stitched every seam of garment fabric — will showcase their back-to-school fall looks to an appreciative audience looking to strike a pose."

Maria Allard, C&G Newspapers, September 17, 2014.

“Americans are great. They’re the best. They’ll shout and holler. I love that. I love when people call out stuff and they become part of the experience. Because we’re not watching a television program, we’re having a conversation!"

Joss Stone as told to Sandra McNeil, ahead of her September 11 show at Sound Board, CBS Detroit, September 4, 2014.

“Reflecting on a “weird week” in world news on Friday night, July 18, Toad the Wet Sprocket frontman Glen Phillips noted that, “I’m happy to see a bunch of people listening to music and smiling and being nice to each other.”…..You couldn’t ask for a more apt summation of the evening……Toad and headliner Counting Crows, who each staked their musical claims during the ’90s, ably delivered their respective bodies of earnest and uplifting rock to a packed Sound Board at the MotorCity Casino Hotel."

Gary Graff, The Oakland Press, July 19, 2014.

“With lots of high-profile chefs teaming up in the suburbs for special dinners lately and drawing sellout crowds, Chef Benjamin Meyer of Iridescence at MotorCity Casino Hotel saw a void in the culinary excitement. “It struck me that we have never done anything in the city,” he said, in announcing plans to correct that. One Sunday a month, Meyer is inviting one chef from another restaurant — typically a smaller Detroit one — to join him in the kitchen of the AAA 4-Diamond Iridescence in Detroit in a dinner series called the Culinary Guild of Detroit (CGD)."

Sylvia Rector, Detroit Free Press Restaurant Critic, July 1, 2014.

“The Chris Robinson Brotherhood brought freedom and love through music to the Sound Board at the MotorCity Casino in Detroit, Michigan June 13th. There was no reason for concern on Friday the 13th as the Brotherhood took our hands and guided us through a sonic wonderland.…..I have to start out by saying the Sound Board is a great venue for live music. The staff working this show was helpful and friendly. Given this is a great band playing in such a splendid venue….."

Chuck Marshall, National Rock Review, June 25, 2014.

“The Jacksons may have been born in Gary, Indiana, but you could say that the Jackson 5 were assembled in Detroit — at the Motown “factory.” The Jacksons — Jackie, Tito, Jermaine and Marlon — perform tonight at the MotorCity Casino’s Sound Board. Back when they were still five — with brother Michael — they’d already shown incredible talent and had two singles out on Steeltown Records…At the Sound Board, the Jacksons go all the way back to their early sound. They tell the Jacksons story, “beginning, middle and end,” with a tribute to Michael."

Susan Whitall, The Detroit News, June 11, 2014.

“There’s going to be a lot of storytelling in this show, telling stories that you’ve never heard before,” Jackie promises. Like what? “Ah, I can’t let the cat out of the bag,” he says with a laugh. “There’ll be some significant stories about the Jacksons — what Michael used to do, what we all did. That’s all I can say. “But it’s gonna be a lot of fun."

Jackie Jackson as told to Gary Graff, The Oakland Press, June 10, 2014.

“Known for his longtime stint as the host of The Tonight Show, Jay Leno is more than just a late-night talking head and stand-up comic. He’s also a car fanatic and an aficionado of Detroit….“There are a lot of nice people around; you just don’t really hear about them, and Detroit has plenty of those people — and that’s what I really like about being there. It didn’t seem like a scary city, it didn’t seem like a dangerous city. Maybe I’m being naïve, but when you have a good experience someplace, that’s what you remember. I think Detroit has a lot of good experiences left in it."

Alysa Offman, MetroTimes, June 2, 2014.

“Yes that Steve Martin! The Father of the Bride, Three Amigos, and Cheaper by the Dozen, Steve Martin is a member of a Bluegrass band. After meeting The Steep Canyon Rangers at a party in 2011 Martin invited the band to record and tour with him. The rest as they say is history. Now, with special guest Edie Brickwell, Steve Martin and The Steep Canyon Rangers will be bringing a little bit of southern charm to Sound Board. This collaboration of 7 musicians has resulted in the creation of Bluegrass music they are passionate about while blending in the humor that only Steve Martin knows how to produce."

MetroTimes Staff, MetroTimes, June 2, 2014.

“When you think of Motown, it's a pyramid; it's something you can't just look at, you have to look up at it."

Jermaine Jackson as told to Eric Lacey, MLive, May 31, 2014.

“McKnight’s voice was sexy and subtle when needed and as powerful as ever when he turned it up a notch. It was a pleasure watching his strum his guitar in the middle of the set while he sang his heart out to everyone that would listen. The acoustics of the venue really allowed the lush and full sound from the front to the back and all the way up top. The stage, while kept simple, flourished with lights allowing every move McKnight to be seen by everyone in the venue. Utilizing only his voice, small band, acoustic guitar, and no elaborate stage show, Brian took over and gave this crowd exactly what they came to see.”

Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur, 100% Rock Magazine, May 28, 2014.

“Some audience members say they go for the Broadway-style entertainment while others assert that they enjoy the choreography. Whatever the reason, it’s common knowledge that the touring dance troupe known as the Chippendales has been making its mostly female audience members feel flush and faint since its beginnings in 1979. These days, its performers are seen by millions of fans in more than 25 countries, and this weekend, clad in their signature bow ties and shirt cuffs — and not much else — the men will bring their exotic and erotic dance moves to the Sound Board.”

Mary Lendzion, The Detroit Free Press, May 8, 2014.

“There is a buzz that takes over a crowd when songs like “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Rock And Roll All Night,” or “Shook ME All Night Long” blare from the monitors. It was no different as the crowd was warmed up while waiting for Montgomery Gentry to take over the stage at MotorCity Casino’s SoundBoard Theater. The energy started to peak and then the lights went out. Within seconds, the stage lights came up and the pair, along with their band, started what would be another great night at the venue. As they moved through song after song, the crowd excitedly traveled with them through the set list.”

Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur, 100% Rock Magazine, April 25, 2014.

“As the crowd filled in nearly every crevice of Motor City Casino’s Sound Board Theater, the anticipation rose as the 9:00 neared. As country tracks blasted through the venues sound system, the chatter was obvious, but not overpowering – that was reserved for the moment the lights dimmed and Jennifer Nettles and band took the stage…….Throughout the show, the simple stage was highlighted by killer lighting the accentuated each song well.”

Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur, 100% Rock Magazine, March 12, 2014.

“…even MotorCity Casino paid homage to its building’s original tenant, Wonder Bread, by keeping old signage when the gaming house opened in 1999.”

Michael Martinez, The Detroit News, February 12, 2014.

“Detroit has always been good shows….I’ve got lots of good memories of Detroit, for sure.”

Aaron Lewis as told to Brett Callwood, MetroTimes, February 5, 2014.

“I’ve traveled a LOT. And, stayed in a lot of beautiful five star, award winning hotels, so it’s not easy to impress me. Yet, I’ve never stayed in a room with such cool features on my TV like the one in the MotorCity casino. From the comfort of my king sized bed, I could change the thermostat, request maid service or put the do not disturb light on my door, order room service, check my bill, and more! Speaking of awards, both the hotel and their restaurant, Iridescence, hold AAA Four Diamond awards!”

Kristin Barclay, InDeepH2O, January 17, 2014.

“There are countless casinos across the United States, but few boast as much character and class as the MotorCity Casino. Incorporating historic architecture from the early 19th century, the establishment builds on the city’s rich history and provides a distinct Detroit atmosphere.”

Bill Bowen, Experiences in the D, January 4, 2014.

“Dressed in a long white knit gown with silver-spangled straps, Franklin came out smoking on the high energy Jackie Wilson song “Higher and Higher.”…..She segued to some smooth, contemporary R&B from the ‘90s — including her song from the “Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack, “It Hurts Like Hell,” (written by Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds), and then came the hits — “Chain of Fools,” “I’ve Never Loved a Man (The Way I Loved You)” and some of her own lyrical compositions from her Atlantic days, including “Daydreaming,” and “Call Me.”…..Between songs, the Queen of Soul took a moment to look out at the audience and smile. “I’m here!” she said, understated, but triumphant. After such a long break, that’s reason to celebrate.”

Susan Whitall, Detroit News, December 22, 2013.

““Well, I’m here!” Aretha Franklin proclaimed to fans at the Motor City Casino Hotel’s Sound Board on Saturday night, Dec. 21…..And her voice was in fine form, too, occasionally hitting soulful, gospel-flecked wails during the hour and 35-minute show that belied her 71 years. Following an overture by the 22-piece Aretha Franklin Orchestra — stocked with ringers such as Cyrus Chestnut on keyboards, the Motor City Horns’ Keith Kaminski on saxophone and master percussionist Larry Fratangelo — Franklin spent much of the show celebrating and paying tribute to late collaborators and other favorites. She opened with fellow Detroit icon Jackie Wilson’s “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher,” then dipped into the Luther Vandross-written/produced track “(It’s Just) Your Love” and the Curtis Mayfield-helmed “Sparkle” — and the large, rear-stage screen sported a photo of Vandross.”

Gary Graff, The Oakland Press, December 22, 2013.

“The screaming tweens that populate One Direction and Justin Bieber concerts these days have nothing on their moms. That we learned on Thursday night, Dec. 5, when Rick Springfield played at the MotorCity Casino Hotel's Soundboard. Despite a burned left hand (from spilling tea) and a road-burned voice most noticeable early in the 18-song set, Springfield was engaging and entertaining; given his acting credits it's no surprise that he knows how to deliver a line, but his stories — whether about playing in a blues band with thuggish bandmates as a teenager in Australia or the inspirations for songs such as "Don't Talk to Strangers," "Honeymoon in Beirut," "Written in Rock" and "Jessie's Girl" -- were heartfelt and genuine, and the pairing of two songs about his late father, "April 24, 1981" and "My Father's Chair," was as emotionally moving for Springfield as it was for the SoundBoard crowd.”

Gary Graff, The Oakland Press, December 6, 2013.

“she’ll head back to Detroit to get ready for her first show since recuperating from last summer's illness, a Dec. 21 concert at the MotorCity Casino Sound Board. “I have put in calls to people I would like to join me at the Sound Board,” Franklin said. “One whose initials are AB, to do a walk-on.” That’s Anita Baker she’s talking about. This being the holiday season, Franklin will be pulling out the stops to make it a festive evening at the Sound Board…..”

Susan Whitall, Detroit News, December 8,2013.

“…..last night’s concert at Detroit’s Motor City Casino was much different than the Rick Springfield shows I’ve seen in the past. Why? In a word, it was very intimate…..Coined the ‘Stripped Down Tour’ – the concert was an interesting and entertaining mix of songs and personal stories starring Rick Springfield…..But story after story and song after song, Springfield’s voice was strong, consistent and flawless. His guitar playing was complex and impressive. His personality was charming. And he remained engaging, funny, and at ease.”

Laurie Bedigian, December 6, 2013.

“MotorCity’s $1 million system, developed over the past year by an in-house team of software engineers and information technology specialists, includes flat-screen televisions above a majority of the casino’s nearly 3,000 slot machines. The flat screens display personalized messages, betting and bonus amounts for slot machines, and inform gamers of substantial prizes won by other customers…. Working in conjunction with dozens of data points that are tracked through a player’s gamer card, the interactive bonus system can reward a customer with extra playing cash if he or she has gone a significant stretch without winning a game or if there is a special occasion, such as a birthday. The player is alerted via a flat-screen above his or her gaming machine. Players are also notified on the flat-screen and by a series of flashing lights if another gamer on the same floor has won a significant prize.”

Karl Henkel, The Detroit News, December 5, 2013.

“Iridescence: A “five star view with 4-diamond dining,” this award-winning restaurant at MotorCity Casino Hotel offers an exquisite menu backed by an expert culinary team. You’ll find items such as Atlantic salmon puntanesca and braised short rib picatta-style on the menu, as well as rotating specials. While this type of fine dining might not be in your everyday budget, it’s certainly worth a splurge for a special occasion. Or, you can always drop by to take in the skyline views with a nice glass of wine or a Michigan craft brew.”

Angela Hernandez, Experiences in the D, November 18, 2013.

An audience’s time with Gregg Allman seems a little more precious now after his liver transplant three years ago. The ponytailed rocker looked healthy, though, when he strolled onto the stage of the Sound Board at the MotorCity Casino Hotel on Wednesday night and kicked off with “Statesboro Blues.” ..….The sound at the 1,500-seat Sound Board was notably clear for Allman and opener Laith Al-Saadi’s sets, and the right volume: Loud enough, but no earplugs required…..The encore at the Sound Board was a bouncing rendition of “Whipping Post,” with Allman at the guitar rather than the keyboard, and conga drums providing a backbeat.

Dustin Blitchok, The Oakland Press, October 24, 2013.

“In a very nice touch, the MotorCity Casino folks surprised hall of famer and all-time great Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns with a birthday cake and well wishes at center ring to the ovation of those in attendance.”

Bob Ryder,, October 9, 2013.

“Hancock’s 2010 “Imagine Project,” which he says is “like a full-blown kind of global approach to making a record” offers up songs in seven different languages with artists from 11 different countries. For this, he won two Grammy Awards, for Best Pop Collaboration and Best Improvised Jazz Solo…..The Chicago-born artist, whose “Herbie Hancock: The Complete Columbia Album Collection 1972-1988” soon will be released, brings evidence of his musical wonderment to the Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel tonight.”

Andrea Daniel, The Detroit News, October 8,2013.

“If you’ve never experienced the energy that MotorCity Casino Hotel has to offer, you must make the escape immediately! Inside MotorCity Casino Hotel, you’ll find a world where you can take a break from real life for a while. Whether you’re dining at Iridescence, AAA Four Diamond Award-winning restaurant, relaxing at D.Tour Spa, or seeing a show at Sound Board intimate theater, you’ll discover what it’s like when excitement, luxury, and pleasure are shaken together to create an experience you can’t get anywhere else.”

Christen Rochon, Divas on Destination, September 30,2013.

“Members of the Robertson family — Willie, Jase and Si — will interact with fans this weekend from the stage of the Sound Board music venue. Besides answering questions, the trio will talk about their family history and give hunting tips and duck call demonstrations.”

Adam O’ConnorJocelynn Brown, The Detroit News, September 21, 2013.

“Tickets are still available for Sunday’s Chefs in the Garden fund-raising dinner for Growing Hope, held at the organization’s urban farm in Ypsilanti. The three-course meal will be prepared by executive chef Benjamin Meyer of MotorCity Casino Hotel’s Iridescence restaurant with guest chef Erica Evans, also of MotorCity.”

Sylvia Rector, The Detroit Free Press, September 19, 2013.

“More than 60 custom and high-end cars are rolling on a secret route through Detroit as part of a timed, two-state road rally. The MotorCity Gumball Rally started Saturday morning at the MotorCity Casino, where drivers were given clues to find timed checkpoints.”

Lauren Abdel- Razzaq, The Detroit News, September 14, 2013.

“The show Diana Ross brought to the MotorCity Casino’s Sound Board Sunday night looked and sounded much like the show she’s been touring with for several years now….Backed by a nine-piece band (four of them horn players) and three singers, she opened with “I’m Coming Out,” swathed in yards of fluffy red net and spangles, then kicked into one of her favorite songs, the Spiral Starecase’s 1969 hit “More Today Than Yesterday.” She hit her notes admirably, executed numerous costume changes and had the audience at the sold-out show in various states of ecstasy. One fellow on the Sound Board’s second level wore a tiara and was having the time of his life.”

Susan Whitall, The Detroit News, August 26, 2013.

"You'll be able to catch [Courtney Love], Detroit, at the Sound Board in the MotorCity Casino Hotel on July 19. And judging not only from her track record of previous performances, but also by the mind-numbing conversation I was fortunate enough to have shared with Ms. Love, this isn't one you're going to want to miss.”

Adam O’Connor, Real Detroit Weekly, July 3, 2013.

"Chef Benjamin Meyer shows you how to prepare and cook a speak ham and taleggio cheese stuffed veal chop.”

Jarrad Henderson, Detroit Free Press, June 30, 2013.

"Job seekers who have a good grasp on social media could get some solid employment leads at Social Media Day at MotorCity Casino in Detroit tonight.”

David Muller, MLive, June 27, 2013.

"Online networking in person. Social Media Day is bringing the online community together at MotorCity Casino on Thursday night.The 4th annual Social Media Day Detroit is being held at MotorCity Casino's Sound Board, and includes various guest speakers, live music, drinks, and even food!”

Ken Haddad, WDIV, June 27, 2013.

"Chances are you’ve already done it today. Most people do it several times a day. Checking your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds has become routine, but for a few hours Thursday, the organizers of Social Media Day Detroit, which will be held at Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel, want you to disconnect from the monitors.”

Ese Esan, Metromix, June 26, 2013.

"Charge those phones, cameras, laptops and tablets. The fourth annual Social Media Day Detroit is June 27 at MotorCity Casino. More than 1,500 people are expected to attend the party, which is free with registration. Attendees are encouraged to bring gadgets to tweet, blog, Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendster (and on and on) throughout the night."

Dustin Block, MLive, June 22, 2013.

"Social Media Day Detroit 2013 is Thursday, June 27th. And you bet there will be a party worth posting about. The Sound Board at MotorCity Casino is hosting the "Generation D" celebration from 6:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m."

Social Media Day Detroit!

"Prepare to have your jazz palettes soothed with a fusion of jazz classics, swing time, blues and big band selections when the [Jazz at Lincoln Center] Orchestra takes the stage at Sound Board Motor City Casino Hotel in Detroit on Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 8:00 p.m."

Leslie Griffin, Detroit Jazz Magazine, June 19, 2013.

"Students over age 21 will have the opportunity to network and pursue employment opportunities at a casino for Social Media Day Detroit on June 27. The networking opportunity will take place at the MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit next Thursday and will feature various companies from throughout the state and country, including Yelp!, Fathead and the Detroit Red Wings."

Arielle Breen, CM Life, June 18, 2013.

"MotorCity Casino Iridescence Chef de Cuisine Benjamin Meyer puts the finishing touches to a three-part component to poaching, saucing, and plating shrimp cocktail."

The Detroit Free Press, June 9, 2013.

"Funny guy DAVID SPADE has mostly avoided encounters with the PC police, but — as targets of his humor have learned — his trademark sarcasm can be wicked. He’ll bring his snark to the stage Thursday night at the MotorCity Casino Hotel."

The Detroit Free Press, June 5, 2013.

"Actor and comedian David Spade is a Michigan native, but, he says he hasn’t milked it as much as he should have. “I met Kid Rock and I was like, ‘I’ve got to start reclaiming Michigan.’ I can be third in line behind Kid Rock and Eminem (as the guy from Detroit). I don’t know if being from there will make the show any better, though,” he says of his stand-up gig Thursday at the MotorCity Casino Hotel’s Sound Board venue."

Melody Baetens, The Detroit News, June 4, 2013.

"Born in Birmingham, David Spade is probably most popularly known as the mulleted Joe Dirt, a character around which he's currently creating an animated series for TBS. Catch him performing some very different material when he appears for a stand up show at Motor City Casino's Sound Board."

Real Detroit Weekly, June 5, 2013.

"Watch MotorCity Casino Iridescence Chef de Cuisine Benjamin Meyer as he mixes up deliscious cocktail and creme fraiche sauces for poached shrimp."

The Detroit Free Press, May 22, 2013.

"The Chippendales take it off for Detroit at the Motor City Casino Hotel’s [Sound Board on May 9th.] Detroit Free Press Staff Writer Zlati Meyer gets down and dirty with these real-life "Magic Mike" stars."

Zlati Meyer, The Detroit Free Press, May 14, 2013.

"MotorCity Casino Hotel Chef de Cuisine Chef Benjamin Meyer demonstrates the difference between a poached piece of shrimp, left, and a boiled piece of shrimp right."

Mandi Wright, The Detroit Free Press, May 12, 2013.

"Ladies, the Chippendales are coming to Detroit. The world famous group of male dancers bring their Ultimate Girls' Night Out show to the Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel on Thursday, May 9."

WJBK FOX 2, May 9, 2013.

Fox 2 News Headlines

"At the Michigan International Women’s Show in Novi on Sunday, new [Detroit] Free Press Columnist Chef Benjamin Meyer and Executive Chef of MotorCity Casino Hotel Don Yamauchi hosted a tasty cooking demo featuring fresh rolls."

The Detroit Free Press, May 6, 2013.

"For the record…Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum singer-songwriter Keyshia Cole Gibson was serious when she said she’s had ‘Enough Of No Love’. And she is coming with a vengeance, taking her due and not accepting anything less. The hit single from her recently released Woman to Woman album was transformed into live action on April 11, 2013 at Soundboard at Motor City Casino Hotel, Detroit’s premier entertainment venue."

Leslie Griffin,, May 1, 2013.

"Now chef de cuisine of Iridescence at Motor City Casino Hotel, [Benjamin] Meyer, 33, has never lost his enthusiasm for food or his love of sharing it with other people. And beginning today, he will bring his passion and skill to Free Press readers in a twice-monthly Sunday column designed to inspire and empower cooks to stretch beyond their culinary comfort zone."

Sylvia Rector, The Detroit Free Press, April 28, 2013.

"Through this column, the Detroit Free Press has given me an opportunity to teach you what mere recipes cannot. I will write about food and its preparation in the manner in which I see it — an art form."

Benjamin Meyer, The Detroit Fress Press, April 28, 2013.

"Food Network star Paula Deen is in town today for a few events that will showcase her culinary skills — and, of course, her Southern charm. Deen, 65, will be at Motor City Casino Hotel for a private luncheon, a VIP event and the main public event, “An Evening with Paula Deen,” during which she will do two cooking demonstrations."

Susan Selasky, The Detroit Free Press, April 25, 2013.

"She laughs often, calls me “honey” occasionally, and loves to talk about food (something we have in common). We’re chatting because the author, cooking show host, restaurateur and Emmy Award-winning television personality is coming to Detroit on April 25 for An Evening With Paula Deen, sponsored by St. John Providence Health System. The program starts at 8 p.m. at Sound Board in the MotorCity Casino Hotel."

Debbie Komar, The Oakland Press, April 23, 2013.

"Motown superstar Diana Ross has lined up an intimate homecoming show. The Detroit-born diva will play Aug. 25 at Sound Board in the MotorCity Casino Hotel – her first show since a Fox Theatre performance in 2010. The 2,400-capacity Sound Board makes the coziest local room Ross has played since her 2004 concert at the Detroit Opera House."

Brian McCollum, The Detroit Free Press, April 23, 2013.

“In the annals of Detroit divadom, there are really two female singers at the pinnacle, the top of the superstar heap……After a tip of the hat to the Queen of Soul, we have to acknowledge the girl from Detroit who, in the early ’60s, became one of the most famous black women in the world: Diana (nee Diane) Ernestine Ross….Ross returns to her hometown for a concert at MotorCity Casino’s Sound Board on Sunday….. On Sunday, fans will get the greatest hits, and they’ll see more than four or five costume changes, as that billowing waterfall of goddess hair hovers over her familiar smile….. Maybe Ross will toss aside the script and pay tribute to her old haunts and her first loves in the city where it all began.”

Susan Whitall, The Detroit News, August 21, 2013.

"There’s no mistaking that laugh or southern accent. The Paula Deen on the telephone with me was definitely the celebrity chef seen on the Food Network and TV talk shows [gearing up for her performance at MotorCity Casino Hotel’s Sound Board on Thursday night]."

Debbie Komar, The Oakland Press, April 19, 2013.

"Just like the words say in their hit song “get ready for a real good time,” Morris Day and The Time have been helping their fans have a good time for decades. And that’s exactly what the self-described “ultimate front man” says audiences can expect from Thursday night’s show at Sound Board inside of MotorCity Casino."

Terri Lee-Sylvester, WWJ 950 Newsradio, April 16, 2013.

"MotorCity Casino Hotel announced today that its hotel and Iridescence, its fine-dining destination, have both received the distinguished AAA Four Diamond designation in the organization’s hotel and restaurant categories."

Dbusiness, April 11, 2013.

"If you’ve fallen in love with the hypnotic and jazzy vocals of Grammy-award winning R&B and soul singer Chrisette Michele, then her latest album ‘Better’ will leave you completely mystified [when she takes the stage at MotorCity Casino Hotel’s Sound Board tonight]."

Leslie Griffin, The Michigan Chronicle, April 11, 2013.

"MotorCity Casino has crafted a new and efficient definition of “online poker.” The casino recently launched an online poker room app that lets players reserve a spot in the poker room – the real one, at the casino – up to an hour before they arrive."

Karl Henkel, The Detroit News, April 4, 2013.

"Now performing on a Greatest Hits tour, [coming to Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Sunday, March 24], Jewel's got a lot to be thankful for and even more to be proud of. Having managed to remain humble amidst all her success, she's an artist that's bucked the trends from the beginning. Though, according to the singer, it hasn't been that hard to stay true to herself"

Alysa Zavala, Real Detroit Weekly, March 28, 2013.

"Though [Colbie] Caillat won't have any solidified [new] tracks when she performs at MotorCity Casino's Sound Board [on Thursday, March 21], she'll still have plenty to draw from, considering she's got three albums under her belt, all of which have produced sunshine-y hits that reflect the singer's infectiously light personality."

Alysa Zavala, Real Detroit Weekly, March 13, 2013.

"Grammy award winner Jewel spoke with the Fox 2 morning show on March 19 about her upcoming 'Greatest Hits Tour' coming to Soundboard at MotorCity Casino Hotel on Sunday, March 24."

"A capacity crowd of Theresa Caputo fans gathered at the Sound Board at MotorCity Casino and Hotel Sunday afternoon. Caputo is the star of TLC's "Long Island Medium," which beings its fourth season this month. The show follows her life as a wife, mother and a psychic medium who speaks to the dead."

Melody Baetens, The Detroit News, March 3, 2013.

"On Sunday afternoon, [Theresa Caputo] will appear at the Motor City Casino Hotel's Sound Board for a live audience reading, similar to what's seen on her television show but on a bigger scale."

Melody Baetens, The Detroit News, February 28, 2013.

"Coming to Motor City Casino's Sound Board on 3/3, Caputo will be giving readings and speaking about her gift in front of a live audience. And what you'll be getting is a lot more than what you've been watching on TV."

Alysa Zavala, Real Detroit Weekly, February 25, 2013.

"Jewel's life is the best kind of It Gets Better story. Even though the famed music-maker recorded a video to offer hope to struggling teens, she didn't need to; to be inspired, one only has to look at how she went from living out of her car - and almost dying - to being a Grammy-nominated, chart-topping singer-songwriter. Jewel became so unbelievably successful, in fact, that she recently released a "Greatest Hits," a collection of songs going back to her first mega 1996 single "Who Will Save Your Soul" and spanning her entire multi-genre career. The singer-songwriter will perform on March 24 at Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel."

Chris Azzopardi, Between The Lines, February 14, 2013.

"Deborah Moffatt recently joined MotorCity Casino Hotel as the new vice president of human resources. In her new role, Moffatt will be responsible for all aspects of HR management including strategic planning and labor relations initiatives on behalf of the company."

Casino Journal, February 11, 2013

"You may know this man from the many days he spent crooning his hit single "It's Been Awhile" over and over again. While he still takes time to tour with his '90s-style rock band, Staind, you can also count on seeing him hitting the road solo every once in a while. Having mastered the art of the southern twang and the country tune, his solo work is to be admired as much as that of his band. No matter the medium, Lewis' gritty vocals are sure to pull at your heartstrings [when he performs at Sound Board on February 7]."

Real Detroit Weekly, February 4, 2013.

"If your tastes run more contemporary, Iridescence at the top of the hotel tower at MotorCity Casino Hotel has a sleek and sophisticated appeal, and the 40-foot windows looking over Detroit provide one of the best views of the city. The two-tiered dining room at Iridescence is also a popular place for proposals, and the staff will help out with the old ring-in-cake trick if you ask."

Visit Detroit, January 30, 2013.

"MotorCity Casino Hotel has announced its Sunday Brunch & Jamsmusic series at Sound Board. Sunday Brunch & Jams will take place one Sunday each month from 11:00am - 2:00pm and will feature great food and entertainment that changes monthly."

Broadway World, January 24, 2013.

"At Iridescence, the beautiful fine-dining restaurant at MotorCity Casino Hotel, executive chef Benjamin Meyer first simmers the cleaned octopuses in a flavorful bouillon of aromatics, herbs, wine and cinnamon sticks -- along with three wine corks, which Mediterranean folklore says ensures a tender result."

Sylvia Rector, The Detroit Free Press, January 27, 2013.

"Deborah Moffatt recently joined MotorCity Casino Hotel as the new vice president of Human Resources. In her new role, Moffatt will be responsible for all aspects of HR management including strategic planning and labor relations initiatives on behalf of the company."

Casino Enterprise Management, January 14, 2013.

"Shimmell last fought at [Sound Board inside] Motor City Casino for his fourth fight last September in his second round knockout of opponent Joseph Stofle. "It was a great venue and a nice turnout and the promoters and venue treat me well and it's a great time," Shimmell said. "We're looking forward to going back and having a good time again."

Cory Olsen, MLive, January 14, 2013.

"The MotorCity Casino doesn't know who he was and it wouldn't tell you if it did, but if you're curious, just look for the mug with the most mournful expression. He's the guy who truly couldn't win for losing when somebody finally claimed the bad beat jackpot in the poker room on New Year's Day."

Neil Rubin, The Detroit News, January 7, 2013

"Chef, restaurateur, and cooking show personality Paula Deen will appear at MotorCity Casino Hotel's Sound Board on April 25."

Melody Baetens, The Detroit News, December 27, 2012

"She never met a stick of butter she didn't like, but restaurant owner and TV personality Paula Deen is taking time to chat with metro Detroit fans— courtesy of St. John Providence Health System. Healthier fare than usual is expected as she promotes her books, performs a cooking demonstration and chats up the audience [at Sound Board inside MotorCity Casino Hotel]."

CBS Detroit, December 27, 2012

"Tracy Morgan claims he no longer burns the candle at both ends. This may be true in his private life, but career-wise, the actor, nominated for an Emmy for his weekly stint on NBC's "30 Rock," makes his presence known in a variety of entertainment genres, including stand-up comedy. Tonight, he hits the stage at the Sound Board, MotorCity Casino Hotel."

Ursula Watson, The Detroit News, December 26, 2012

"Few serve up a purer shot of Motown than Duke Fakir and company, who will perform classics from the Tops' voluminous hit catalog while sprinkling in a few Christmas tunes [at Sound Board inside MotorCity Casino Hotel]."

Brian McCollum, The Detroit Free Press, December 13, 2012

"The Four Tops who bring their "Hits and the Holidays" show to Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel tonight, are like ambassadors for the legacy of the original group and the city in which it was created."

Ben Edmonds, The Detroit Free Press, December 13, 2012

"While [Chaka] Khan clearly has many passions, singing and performing is still number one and her show [at Sound Board] in Detroit will be nothing more than a showcase of that."

Alysa Zavala, Real Detroit Weekly, November 2012

At the Sound Board, Khan will have a lot of ground to cover, with so many of her own iconic songs to perform (from 22 albums and 10 No. 1 singles). There are the early Rufus numbers, then a stunning run of '80s mega-hits including "I'm Every Woman."

Susan Whitall, The Detroit News, November 2012

"Grammy-nominated and legendary R&B singer Peabo Bryson continues to prove why he still ignites music lovers to 'FEEL THE FIRE'. He will release the passion you've come to experience when he takes the stage at Sound Board inside MotorCity Casino Hotel in Detroit on Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 8:00 p.m."

Leslie Griffin, FrontPage Detroit, November 2012

"To call the food at Iridescence amazing is a pretty drastic understatement. Chef de Cuisine Benjamin Meyer has recently revamped the menu to feature American food with French flair while being both high-end and approachable."

Joe Hakim, Real Detroit Weekly, November 2012

"MotorCity Casino Hotel Assembly Line is a must for any meal."

Adam O'Connor, Real Detroit Weekly, November 2012

"Built and born just four years ago, Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel is a venue somewhat unrivaled in the city itself. Constructed with a state of the art sound system that is owned by the casino and operated by their full-time staff, a trip to the venue is an experience in and of itself. And seeing one of your favorite acts there, well, mind-blowing is probably the best word for it."

Alysa Zavala, Real Detroit Weekly, November 2012

"Iridescence Chef de Cuisine Benjamin Meyer and Executive Chef Don Yamauchi were featured on The Nine to elaborate on several key dishes currently being showcased at Iridescence. The Chef's not only demonstrate and share their prime strip steak recipe, but also give the Fox 2 staff a special presentation of the restaurant's current intriguing mystery: the 'miracle' berry."

WJBK Fox 2, November 2012

"There are three words that describe sultry and soulful diva Marsha Ambrosius: Real open and honest. You hear her music and become hooked. Marsha talked exclusively with FrontPage Detroit about her journey and het latest album Friends and Lovers at her recent concert at Sound Board inside MotorCity Casino Hotel."

Leslie Griffin, FrontPage Detroit, October 2012

"In the '80s, the Go-Go's broke down the barrier for all-female groups. Today, the pop-rock band – Belinda Carlisle, Jane Wiedlin, Charlotte Caffey, Gina Schroch and Kathy Valentine – remains iconic. Its classic debut album, 1981's "Beauty and the Beat," was a new-music radio staple."

David J. Criblez, Detroit News, October 2012

"The ladies decided that in lieu of saying goodbye to their fans, they'd celebrate the 30th anniversary of their second album, Vacation. And in August, they set out on a 19-city tour – the final date of which falls right here [at Sound Board] in Detroit."

Alysa Zavala, Real Detroit Weekly, October 2012

"With cult-favorite hair care brand black 15in1, miracles really do happen. This weekend Detroiters can experience a miracle first hand when Beauty Buzz 2012 comes to MotorCity Casino Hotel."

Rebecca Voigt, Hour Magazine, October 2012

"Randall Villareal was recently appointed vice president of non-gaming operations at MotorCity Casino Hotel. In his new role, Villareal will be responsible for the leadership and day-to-day operations of the hotel, as well as all food and beverage operations."

DBusiness, September 2012

MotorCity Casino Hotel's Director of Interactive Marketing John Policicchio was featured on the FOX 2 morning show to discuss the third annual MotorCity Scavenger Hunt.

WJBK Fox 2, September 2012

Iridescence Chef de Cusine Benjamin Meyer was featured on the channel 7 morning show to discuss Detroit Restaurant Week, where he performed a cooking segment, showcasing a meal option from the fine-dining establishment, to get viewers excited about the upcoming week-long event.

WXYZ Channel 7, September 2012

"Imagine trying to write a menu for 200 nightly guests when their expectations are through the roof. To chefs like Benjamin Meyer, though, it's second nature -- and fun. Meyer, chef de cuisine of Iridescence at MotorCity Casino Hotel, has just introduced his first new menu since taking over at the stunning, fine-dining destination this summer."

Sylvia Rector, Detroit Free Press, September 2012

"The third annual MotorCity Scavenger Hunt begins at Sound Board, inside the MotorCity Casino Hotel on Grand River Boulevard at the Lodge Freeway in Detroit, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Participants ages 21 and older will compete by collecting photos and memorabilia from more than 40 businesses and attractions in Corktown, Midtown, Eastern Market, New Center and the RiverWalk."

Alicia Cooper, Detroit News, September 2012

"If anyone needed proof that rock 'n' roll has no age limits, they only had to go to the Motor City Casino Hotel's SoundBoard on Thursday night. That's where Bonnie Raitt and Mavis Staples, aged 62 and 73 respectively, snorted fire and performed with the ferocious energy and passion of those half or even a third of their years."

Gary Graff, The Oakland Press, August 2012

"Sound Board's new Web site features exclusive bonus content including backstage videos, high resolutions images, and post-performance artist feedback; quick and easy fan interaction and sharing through various social networks; VIP Packages including hotel, dining, and back stage meet-and-greet opportunities; an event calendar preview of upcoming performances and events; and a Roadies Club for fans"

Matt Roush, CBS Detroit, August, 2012

"MotorCity Casino was recently granted the coveted Pinnacle Award in 2012 for the third consecutive year. The prominent award is presented to hospitality industry leaders for their ability to deliver unparalleled service to their guests."

DBusiness, August 2012

"A singer's voice is an instrument. And while some singers have instruments of OK quality, a few are bestowed with top-of-the-line gifts. Grammy-winner k.d. lang is among those few. Simply put, this woman can sing. Effortless control, power, range, richness, an expert understanding of phrasing — you get the picture. But tonight, you can do more than get the picture, you can experience lang live with her band, the Siss Boom Bang, at the Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel."

Ursula Watson, Detroit News, August 2012

"The third annual event (Social Media Day Detroit), which was held at Motor City Casino's Sound Board venue, drew a very eager and enthusiastic crowd of young patrons who are dedicated to all things Web 2.0."

Chris Laine, Oakland Press, July 2012

"He's an award-winning actor, comedian and writer. But these days Steve Martin is wild and crazy about another pursuit -- music and, specifically, bluegrass, with a pair of chart-topping albums and a Grammy Award to show for it."

Gary Graff, Oakland Press, June 2012

"Although profanity and sex humor are almost prerequisites for a successful standup comedy act these days, John Pinette's built a 26-year career in the business while almost completely avoiding those elements. Where other comics would go for expletives and tales of sexual mishaps, Pinette's particular pleasure is good clean comedy about food."

Patrick Dunn, Real Detroit Weekly, June 2012

"When Barbra Streisand's friends and family wanted a singer to perform for her 70th birthday in April, there was no doubt who they'd call — Streisand's professed favorite, Johnny Mathis. It was a surprise, and a success."

Susan Whitall, Detroit news, June 2012

It's been 30 years since R&B singer Jeffrey Osborne released his first solo album after a tenure in the band L.T.D. "It's gone by awfully quick," he notes, but it's also validated a decision that's seen him score 15 R&B chart singles — hitting No. 1 with "She's On the Left" in 1988.

Gary Graff, Oakland Press, May 2012

While he can't wait to unveil his jazz standards on a live audience, that's for next year. This time around at the Sound Board, he'll be doing a classic Jeffrey Osborne show, with all the R&B hits, including many from his LTD years. "I give people a good dose of LTD; it's probably 70 percent of my set," he said.

Susan Whitall, Detroit News, May 2012

"Motor City Casino is promoting a new $300-$2,000 buy-in pot-limit Omaha game with $5-$10 blinds. It starts at noon on Thursdays and for a limited time a reduced $5 rake is being collected every 30 minutes. Be sure to call ahead to check on these details."

Chris, Ante Up, April 2012

"Nancy Ajram and Ayman Zbib at MotorCity Casino Hotel: World-renowned Arabic pop star Nancy Ajram is not only a best-selling singer with seven studio albums and more than 20 million YouTube views, the Lebanon native is also considered to be one of the most influential Arabs in the world."

8 p.m. Sun. $55-$250. 2901 Grand River Ave., Detroit. (313) 309-4700.

Melody Baetens, Detroit News, April 2012

"The Detroit Regional Chamber's first Detroit Business Conference on Tuesday at the Motor City Casino was a thought-provoking and inspiring gathering of leaders committed to a prosperous city."

Dustin Block,, April 2012

On Billy Gardell, Mike & Molly Star

"I think the two cross over very nicely," he explains. "I come from a blue collar town, and most of my sarcasm was learned at the corner bars, so any towns where they take pride in their work, and work ethic and common sense, like Detroit, I tend to do well.

Jim McFarland, Metrotimes, April 2012

Have you ever been to Detroit?

I've been to Detroit years ago. I played a comedy club (in Royal Oak) called Mark Ridley's Comedy Castle. And now it's a great treat to be coming to the MotorCity Casino. Detroit's a working-class city, and I come from a working-class city, and that's where my humor is based; so I always do really good in those towns.

Mekeisha Madden Toby, Detroit News Television Writer, April 2012

"Mitch Ryder, Ronnie Dunn and the B-52s will rev up the tunes for Grand Prix weekend this summer in Detroit. The three acts top the entertainment lineup booked on the MotorCity Casino Hotel stage, part of the free family zone on Belle Isle the weekend of June 1-3."

Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press Pop Music Writer, March 2012

"It's always a lot of fun coming back home to the Detroit and Flint scene," he says. "We were a little outside of the Detroit scene originally, and we really tried to work our way in. Then Detroit started claiming us as one of their bands, and that really feels good."

Grand Funk Railroad • 3/29, 8 p.m. • MotorCity Casino HOTEL Sound Board • 2901 Grand River, Detroit

Patrick Dunn, Real Detroit Weekly, March 2012

"Detroit's fashion industry blossomed during Saturday's Fashion In Detroit 2012 (FID) event. The sold-out-event drew a crowd of press, local vendors, and fashionistas to MotorCity Casino's Sound Board to celebrate Metro Detroit fashion."

Raquel Parks, CBS Detroit Fashion Blogger, March 2012

"Lights. Cameras. Fashion! Slip on your best attire and reserve your tickets to one of the most-anticipated fashion events in Metro Detroit. Fashion In Detroit (FID) is back for its third year and will be held on Saturday, March 10 at MotorCity Casino Hotel.

Since its creation in 2009, FID has become an annual favorite in motown for promoting local fashion. This year, FID will be co-hosted by co-creator and Project Runway's, Joe Faris and Ambassador Magazine publisher and jewelry designer, Denise Illitch."

Raquel Parks, CBS Detroit Fashion Blogger, March 2012

"The Chevrolet Detroit Belle Grand Prix is proud to announce a partnership with MotorCity Casino Hotel for the return of world-class auto racing to the Motor City.

As part of the new relationship, MotorCity Casino Hotel will become a key partner in two crucial elements of the June 1-3 event – entertainment and premiere hospitality. MotorCity Casino Hotel will host and manage national and local musical acts throughout the Grand Prix weekend at the MotorCity Casino Hotel Entertainment Stage on Belle Isle. In addition, the large, exclusive hospitality chalet located at the beautiful Scott Fountain that will host both individuals and corporate clients at the race, will be named the MotorCity Casino Hotel Club."

Source: CDBIGP, March 2012

"Rachelle Ferrell - This veteran Philly musician seamlessly bridges the worlds of contemporary jazz and smooth R&B. Once a frequent Detroit guest, Ferrell is making her first visit here in half a decade. 8 p.m., Sound Board at MotorCity Casino Hotel…"

Brian McCollum, Detroit Free Press, February 2012

MotorCity Casino Hotel hosted the 2012 Mobsteel Annual Autorama After Party. Mobsteel starts with fine vintage luxury cars and transforms them into menacing street machines with some of the most state-of-the-art technology currently available. The evening was a night of entertainment that featured Detroit's own Ty Stone and The Truth, and Michigan favorite Taddy Porter.

February 2012

"As you can imagine after a long journey around Detroit, we were desperate for a little rest and relaxation. We found this at the Motor City Casino Spa and it turned out to be the ultimate indulgence for our tired bodies. The D.Tour Spa offered a specialized selection of massage and body treatments and an ultra private two-room Couple's Suite."

Chris Ellison, Canadian Destinations, January 2012

"Megawatt stars and Detroit royalty shined the spotlight on diversity in the auto industry tonight, with Martha Reeves, Mayor Dave Bing, ABC's John Quiñones and everyone's mom from the Cosby Show, Phylicia Rashad, attending the 16th Annual Urban Wheel Awards. More than 1,500 celebrities, executives, international media, politicians and others gathered at MotorCity Casino in Detroit to celebrate diversity and inclusion in the automotive industry before the auto show opens Monday."

Tammy Stables Battaglia, Detroit Free Press, January 2012

John Quiñones and Phylicia Rashad host the 2012 Urban Wheel Awards. The 16th Annual Urban Wheel Awards was held on Sunday, January 8, 2011 in Sound Board. The event benefits the Emerging Diversity Education Fund. EDEF provides scholarships for students of color pursuing degrees leading to careers in either the automotive, communications, or green industries. The Urban Wheel Awards, was hosted by Decisive Media. It was named the Official Multicultural Event of Detroit's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) by the 2012 NAIAS Executive Committee. ."

Source:, January 2012