Chase the Flush is an exciting card game where the players and the Dealer receive three hole cards that they combine with four community cards to make the biggest possible seven-card flush. Card rankings Ace (high) – 2 (low) are used to break ties between hands with the same number of flush cards.


  • Players make an Ante and X-Tra Bonus wager to begin the game. Both bets must be equal. After receiving three hole cards, players either bet three (3) times his/her Ante or check.
  • After seeing the two-card flop, players can either bet two (2) times his/her Ante or check.
  • After seeing the turn and river cards, players can either bet one (1) time his/her Ante or fold.
  • The Dealer qualifies with a 9 high, three-card flush or higher. If the Dealer doesn’t qualify, all remaining Ante bets push. When the hands tie, the All-In, Ante, and X-Tra Bonus bets push.
  • See posted paytables for odds.

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