Roulette is an intriguing and sophisticated game of chance, and MotorCity Casino Hotel is proud to offer roulette in two versions. In addition to our popular American-style Roulette game with 38 numbered slots, including zero and double zero, we also offer our European version of Roulette with 37 numbered slots, which has a single zero along with the standard 36 numbers.

Roulette is played with non-value chips purchased at the table. Each player receives a different color chip and decides the value of the chip when they are purchased. Roulette chips are usually purchased in stacks of twenty. For example: if a player would like their roulette chips to be worth $5 each, then they would purchase a stack for $100. Roulette chips must be redeemed when the player leaves the table.

The player places their bets on any combination of numbers, columns, sections of numbers, red or black colors, odd or even numbers, or zero or double zero (if applicable). The player hopes that the ivory-type ball will stop in a number which will enable them to win one of their bets.
The Roulette wheel rotates in one direction while the dealer spins an ivory-type ball in the opposite direction. Where the players place their chip(s) on the roulette table determines what numbers they are betting and the odds they will receive. Please refer to our chart to visualize all the exciting betting combinations available to the player. The dealer will assist a Player if they are not in a position to place their bet.





Straight Up Bet

Each number including zero and double zero

35 to 1


Two-number bet

17 to 1


Three-number bet

11 to 1


Four-number bet

8 to 1

Five Numbers

0, 00, 1, 2, 3

6 to 1


Any one group of six numbers in two rows

5 to 1





Red or Black

The color of the winning number

Even money

Odd or Even

All-odd or All-even numbers

Even Money

First 18

1 through 18

Even Money

Second 18

19 through 36

Even Money


Set of twelve numbers

2 to 1

Column Bets

All twelve numbers in the column

2 to 1

All Outside Bets lose when zero(0) or double-zero(00) is hit.


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