Gift cards available at LACQUER

Gift cards can be used at any MotorCity Casino Hotel restaurant, the hotel, gift shop, Sound Board, and spa. Surprise someone today! Be sure to check your gift card balance!

Purchasing Gift Cards

  • You may only purchase Gift Cards at Lacquer (the gift shop in the hotel lobby).
  • You may not use MotorCity Comps to purchase a Gift Card.
  • The minimum amount that you may have loaded on a Gift Card is five dollars ($5.00). There is no maximum amount that you may have loaded on a Gift Card.
  • Gift Cards are not marketed to disassociated persons.
  • Gift Cards are not reloadable.

Using Gift Cards

  • Gift Cards can only be used to purchase certain goods and services from MotorCity Casino Hotel.
  • Generally speaking, your Card can be used for in-person purchases at MotorCity Casino Hotel’s restaurants, D.Tour spa, Sound Board theater box office, and Lacquer gift shop.
  • Gift Cards can be used for payments related to in-person, non-advance payments related to your stay in a hotel guest room.
  • Gift Cards can be used to purchase alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.
  • Gift Cards may not be used for gaming activities (slot machine play, table game play, etc.), online purchases of any kind, advance payments related to reservations or appointments (including advance payments related to hotel guest room reservations, hotel guest room deposits, restaurant reservations, and spa appointments), kiosk or mobile device purchases, in-hotel guest room purchases made via the television, or any unlawful activity.
  • If you wish to use your Gift Card to purchase an item that costs more than the available balance on your Gift Card, you may use another form of payment (i.e. cash, credit card, debit card, or another Gift Card) in addition to your Gift Card. You may not use MotorCity Comps as the other form of payment.
  • You will receive MotorCity Comps on purchases made using your Gift Card, subject to any limitations or restrictions set forth in the Club Metro┬« Official Rules.
  • You can check your Gift Card balance by visiting

Returning Gift Cards or Products Purchased With Gift Cards

  • Gift Cards are non-returnable.
  • You may only return retail items that were purchased with a Gift Card if you have a valid receipt. No other type of item and no services purchased with a Gift Card may be returned (e.g. food, theater tickets, spa treatments).
  • You will receive a cash refund for permitted returns in the amount listed for the applicable retail item on the receipt, even if you return a retail item purchased with multiple permitted methods of payment.
  • If your Card is lost, stolen, or damaged, MotorCity Casino Hotel will not replace it or return the funds on it to you.
  • You may not exchange a Gift Card for cash.

Expiration and Inactivity

  • You will not be charged any dormancy, inactivity, or services fees in connection with your use of a Gift Card.
  • Your Gift Card has no expiration date.

For complete terms and conditions governing your Gift Card, visit this page.