At the start of each new game, each Player must make an INITIAL wager. Each Player has the choice of making a optional TIE wager, which pays 10 to 1. Each Player and the Dealer receive one (1) card "face-up." The Dealer, in turn, compares the rank of each Player's card with the rank of the Dealer's card.

  • If the Player's card has a higher rank than the Dealer's card, the Player wins even money.
  • If the Player's card has a lower rank than the Dealer's card, the Dealer wins.
  • If the Player's card is of equal rank to the Dealer's card, the Player has two (2) options:
    • Surrender half of his or her INITIAL wager.
    • Go to WAR with the Dealer.
  • If the Player chooses to go to WAR with the Dealer, the Player and the Dealer make another wager equal to the INITIAL wager. The Dealer bridges his portion of the matching bet on top of the Player's bets.
  • The Dealer "burns" or buries three (3) cards face-down and deals the next card to the Player. The Dealer then "burns" or buries three (3) cards and deals the next card to himself. The Dealer then compares the rank of the hands.
  • If the Player's card outranks the Dealer's card, the Player wins all the WAR money.
  • If the Dealer's card outranks the Player's card, the Dealer wins.
  • In WAR situations, the Player wins ties. If the Player gets a WAR situation a second time, the Player will be paid an additional amount equal to his original bet.

Note: In situations of multiple WAR bets on a single "round," the Dealer will receive only one (1) card. After all wagers are settled, the Dealer starts a new game.

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