When you hear cheers of celebration and feel energy throughout the casino, it is usually radiating from a hot Craps game. These fast-action tables can be intimidating to the beginner, but Craps is easy to play. It takes a little time to learn the bets on a Craps table, but they can all be understood in a few minutes. The Craps table has three Dealers: the Stickperson and two Base Dealers. The Stickperson controls the dice and stands on the outside of the game. The Base Dealers stand on the inside of the game on bases handling all the Players' bets on their respective ends. The Boxperson, sitting in the middle of the game, watches the payoffs and supervises the action on the game. Listen to the Stickperson as he calls the play-by-play of the game. He will tell you what is happening on each roll of the dice, such as which bets win and which bets lose.

When the shooter (the Player throwing the dice) rolls number after number, he is 'on a roll,' and the game usually becomes noisy, exciting and generates a crowd! Noise should not intimidate the novice Player, but should be taken as a sign that once again, fun and excitement are taking place at MotorCity Casino Hotel.

The Pass Line is the most common wager in Craps and the one most Players seem to learn first. On the first roll (come-out roll) a Natural (7 or 11) is an Instant Winner and pays even money. If the shooter throws a Craps Roll (2, 3 or 12) the Pass Line loses. Any other number thrown becomes a "Point" and is marked with a "Puck." For the Pass Line to win, the shooter must throw the same number again before throwing a 7 or the Pass Line loses. Any other number thrown will have no effect on the Pass Line wagers. After a point is established, a Player can "take" odds on the Pass Line bet, which is done by making an additional bet behind the Pass Line bet. Note: the odds are listed below. In the meantime, a Player may bet on other numbers. But remember, once a point is established, the shooter will roll indefinitely until the point or a 7 is rolled.


MotorCity Casino Hotel offers true odds of up to 3, 4, 5 times your flat bet in Craps.

Examples of Pass Line and Come Bet Odds
4 or 10 2 to 1 $10 $20
5 or 9 3 to 2 $10 $15
6 or 8 6 to 5 $10 $12


Another betting option is the Don't Pass Line, which is the opposite of the Pass Line. In this bet, the Player bets against the shooter. The Player betting the Don't Pass Line is betting the shooter will not be able to make the point established. This bet will be an instant winner on the come-out roll if the Player shoots a 2 or 3. It will be a push, or a "tie" if the Player throws a 12. If a 7 or 11 is thrown, the bet will lose. If the Player throws a 4-5-6-8-9 or 10, this will establish a point. Once this point is established, the bet will win if the shooter throws a 7 prior to making his point. Players may "Lay" the odds to increase their bet.


Don't Pass Line & Don't Come Bet Odds
4 or 10 1 to 2 $20 $10
5 or 9 2 to 3 $15 $10
6 or 8 5 to 6 $12 $10
*Ask the Dealer how much odds you can "Take" or "Lay."

A Come bet follows the same rules as the Pass Line except that it can be placed only after the point is established. The bet is placed on the layout directly in front of each Player in the Come. The outcome of the bet is based on the roll of the dice immediately after the bet is made. It will be an instant winner on 7 or 11 and lose on a 2, 3 or 12. If the next number rolled is a 4-5-6-8-9 or 10, the Come bet will be moved by the Baseperson into the respective box, becoming its own point where it wins if the number is rolled before a 7. Players may "Take" the odds to increase their bet. The odds on Come bets do not work when there is no point established for the Pass Line. The Player may request through the Dealer to have the odds working.

A Don't Come bet follows the same rules as the Don't Pass Line except that they can be bet only after a point has been established. This bet is the opposite of the Come bet with the exception that it pushes on a 12 and odds are always working unless the Player takes them down. Players may "Lay" the odds to increase the bet.

A place bet can be made at any time and differs from a Come bet in that a Player picks the number he feels will roll again before a 7. Please see the Place bet odds chart below.

Place Bet Odds
4 or 10 9 to 5 $10 $18
5 or 9 7 to 5 $10 $14
6 or 8 7 to 6 $12 $14
*Note: Place bets are off during Come Out roll unless called On.

Field bets are one-roll bets. The Player simply places his wager anywhere on the layout marked Field. The wagers will win when 2-3-4-9-10-11 or 12 are rolled and lose on 5-6-7 or 8. All Field bets win even money except when a 2 is rolled, which pays double, or when a 12 is rolled, which pays triple.

A Hardway bet is a wager betting that the dice will roll in pairs before that number or a 7 is rolled. They are known as the hard 4-6-8 and 10 respectively. For example, when a Player wagers on a Hard 6, he is wagering that the next time a 6 is rolled, the dice will read a three-three (3-3) combination. Any other combination of a 6 or 7 being rolled will cause the Hardway to lose. Hardways work unless the Player calls them off, even on the Come Out Roll.

Hard 4 or 10 8 for 1 $5 $35

Hard 6 or 8 10 for 1 $5 $45
Proposition bets and Hop bets are all located in the center of the layout. These bets are placed by the Stickperson on the appropriate betting area and win only if that combination is thrown on the next roll of the dice. These high-paying bets are an exciting part of the game with some bets paying as high as 31 for 1. For these bets to win, they must be thrown exactly as illustrated on the layout.

12 or 2 31 for 1 $5 $150
11 or 3 16 for 1 $5 $75

There are many different Combination bets available to players. The more common bets are World, Horn, C+E, 7-11 and the Big Red. Please ask a Dealer about these wagers.



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